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Written Records

November 2002

The recent storms hit the village, like much of the UK, quite badly. My fence now flaps in the wind but at least it is still standing unlike four of the walls around the Nightingale Lane estate and a few trees. Half of the village was without electricity for 24 hours and I'm told that it was even longer for a few houses. At least we don't flood anymore in this area.

The Base did its usual Halloween illumination again this week (see pictures from previous years on the Feltwell Now site) that always makes you smile when driving into the village at night. Unfortunately it rained throughout the whole evening of the 2/11/02 so not many bonfire parties were that successful, although some hearty souls must have braved the wet as we heard a few loud bangs and they weren't from the Base shooting range thankfully.

The first weekend after I posted last month's newsletter was a sunny one so, feeling guilty about not having done any upgrades in September, I went out with the camera and almost finished photographing the village. In fact I quietly uploaded new pages on Curtis Drive, Camp Close, Archers Ave and Leonards Way before the due date of Oct. 31st, as recompense!

Those of you who live local may have noticed that Group Captain Saxelby's medals, flying log, photo’s went to auction on 26.10.02. Amongst the photographs were one's of his time with 75 Squadron (NZ) at Feltwell. The reserve price was £800-£1400. A quick attempt to raise the money was put together by Dan Engle who must be praised for his efforts in obtaining sufficient pledges but unfortunately the items went for £4000 I believe mainly due to the Group Captain's connection with the Dambusters. I hope that whoever bought them will be kind enough to allow me to display the Feltwell ones on the website but how do I find out who bought them?

The RAF Feltwell memorial page has had another addition, this time from David Lyon. David's father was at Feltwell LFS 3 on

course no. 26 attached to 75(NZ) Squadron. A photograph of the crew with names can be seen on the page. News of the Memorial page has reached the 75(NZ) Squadron Association and I hope that they will take up the opportunity that it presents.

Both the USAF Lakenheath Public Affairs and History Offices have been in touch this month. The former because they wanted some history on RAF Feltwell for a "Base Tour Guide" and the latter because they want to produce an archeologically map of Feltwell Base showing, in particular, the following items: Site of windmill dated 1729 to 1880, Undated cemetery, Neolithic flint axe and workings, Medieval moated site, Medieval pottery found in midden. Can anybody help with the location of these? Whilst talking about USAF Feltwell I should point out that the new gates and fence at the Long Lane entrance are, finally, nearing completion and that some serious security has been installed at both entrances. Be warned, don't try to drive on without stopping - you might live to regret it!

Three weeks ago we had the first Quiz Night since late spring and it was a very close fight. The evening was a fundraiser for St Mary's and it raised about £220.