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Written Records

October 2000

It is by the skin of my teeth that I have met my self-imposed deadline this month. I cannot remember a worse start to the new school year, back for two weeks and then hit with a severe chest infection that knocked me out completely for the third week. As I write this I still cough occasionally in order to get rid of the few bugs that are hanging on. Still, mustn't grumble, it could be. Enough of me, on with the news.

Feltwell witnessed its first Wedding Dress Exhibition in the village on the 16/17th September with 43 dresses on display in St Mary's. Anyone walking into the church late at night would have been greeted with 43 headless bodies all dressed in white, most spooky! I suspect that Susan will have photographs on her site of this event - worth a visit. Over 300 was raised for church funds.

At its monthly meeting on the 15th the H&A Society presented Leah Ellen Cock with a silver plated moneybox to mark the fact that she is the first Feltwell girl born in this millennium year. At the same meeting Diane and Andy Hovell were presented with the original date stone from William Heading's mill on Wilton Road. They have built a new house on this site and have incorporated the circular mill base into it.

Work has started on reinstating the old tennis court on the playing field and it should be completed within the next few weeks. No doubt some of you will remember playing on the original one. And talking about sport, I wonder if any of you have sporting memories that you would like to share. Please drop me an email. Whilst on the subject of sport I have recently been lent a copy of the Rocket Review, a magazine produced on RAF Feltwell when it was a Thor missile base, together with a few photographs from a newspaper of the time. The 'Rocket Review' contains mostly stories about sport at the RAF Gymnasium. I believe that it was also used for dances. This has made me wonder if any member was at Feltwell whilst the missiles were there and if so, would you be willing to share any memories with us. Or perhaps you know someone who was there. I plan to do a 'Missile page' eventually.

Membership stands at 91, only 9 away from the magic number. Keep recruiting.

My questions this month concerns a Mr F.W. Fincham whose lorry you will find pictured in the 'At Work' section. Who was he, what was his business etc, etc. Thanks to Gordon for the photo.

Feltwellian contacts made this month - Richard Yeldon and Robert Walden after many years. They last new each other as children at the Primary School.

Special mention must go to Chris Cock for providing the extra details on the Harry Lawson page. His daughter's family is most grateful.

Be warned that if you visit Site Two you will find that I have completely reorganised the 'Work and Play Gallery', 'Times Remembered' and 'Written Records' in an effort to make them easier to navigate and quicker to load.  Look out for The Blackjacks; maybe you heard them perform.