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Photographs of the January 1915 Fen Flood

Many of these buildings no longer remain, including St. Peter's Church.

1fen_house.jpg (23527 bytes)

2flood2.gif (34058 bytes)

3flood3.gif (25099 bytes)

4flood1.gif (23029 bytes)







roddins.gif (91875 bytes)

This ariel photograph shows Weasenham Farms out on the Fen.   The old river courses can clearly be seen and help us understand why flooding was so common and why the Fens needed to be drained before they could be effectively and economically farmed. Weasenham Farms cleared this area of the Fen as part of the war effort. (Read a first hand account here). The last drain or 'Cut' was built in the 1960s.   These old water courses are known as 'roddins'. 
The very green areas are fields of turf, the newest fen crop!

Photo provided by Mr C. Brown of British Field Products.

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Additional Flood photographs added June 2008 (These thumbnails link through to full screen versions. Additional close-ups available at )

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