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On with the tour

Lodge Road
The eastern entrance to the village.
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

1lodgerdpeople.gif (42482 bytes)

2Lodge Road 2 (small)

3lodgeroa1.gif (39942 bytes)

Two views of the Doctor's old surgery and of Lodge Road looking east.

5doctors_house.jpg (43554 bytes)

Looking East along Lodge Road from Cross Hill. The wall surrounds Grange Farm. Apparently, whenever any photographer appeared 'folk showed up as well.' Further up, looking east, out of the village.  The tree in the centre is standing in the Doctor's garden. Circa 1900. 4lodge1dr.gif (31743 bytes)

A rare photo of the front of the Old Surgery and Doctor's House showing the gardens. Who the gentleman on the right is we don't know, maybe the gardener. Posted 1926.
Photo from Maureen Reid


Left. A very rare photo of Lodge Road looking east. The road sweeper may well be the same gentleman as in photo 13.      

7lodgeroa2.gif (44518 bytes)

8Lodge Road 3 (small)9east_hall_drive.jpg (20163 bytes)

10Lodge Road 4 (small)

11villagesign_lodgerd.jpg (27006 bytes)

12lodge_road.jpg (16113 bytes)

View three of the Doctor's house very slightly east of the other two pictures. Further up, looking east.  The entrance to East Hall is on the left with Ashton's Cottage clearly visible. The white railings on right mark the entrance to the Rectory.

Three views looking west into the village as you approach the 'entry bends'. The sign reads, 'Feltwell. Please drive slowly'.  Apart from the road being better this view has not changed much.

13lodgeroa3.gif (50297 bytes)
Cleaning up, or collecting horse manure?  Looking east.
Photo provided by Mr Peter Cooper

14Lodge Road 1 (small) 15lodge_road2.jpg (18637 bytes)
The eastern side of the 'entry bends' looking out of the village.
16shooting_lodge.jpg (37203 bytes)
The 'entry bends' from the east, looking out of the village. Circa 1925.

Photo provided by Mr Peter Cooper

'Keeper's Cottage', half way up Lodge Road.

Photo from Brian Leet

17Feltwell Lodge

18Feltwell Lodge

19feltwell_lodge.gif (30152 bytes)

Unless stated otherwise all photos on this page are provided by Chris Cock

Three photographs of Feltwell Lodge, now a retirement home.


20Denton Lodge

Two photos of  Denton Lodge, at the extreme east of Feltwell, which takes its name from Capt. Denton, a former owner. 21dentonlodge.gif (52647 bytes)