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Pear Tree Cottages
(along Long Lane)

Your tour is nearly over

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All photos  provide by Mr G. Walden

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Henry Cecil (Bob) Walden in his uniform as a lieutenant in the Royal Pioneer Corps.

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Bob in the middle (without his shirt).  On the right is Aubrey Badcock.

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The corrugated iron roof mentioned below.

The Walden family lived in Pear Tree Cottages (opposite The Blade or Dick Wing's chip shop). These photos were taken after a storm as recounted by Rosemary Walden. Thanks, Rosemary.

I was living in Pear Tree Cottage when it was destroyed by the gale on 15 March 1947.  I can remember it as if it were yesterday.   It was one month after my sixth birthday and I was asleep upstairs with my brother Glyn and sister Angela.  My father was away in the army.  The noise of the wind was terrible and mother came upstairs and woke us up to go down stairs with her and Betty Badcock our next door neighbour.  Suddenly, there was an almighty crash;  the corrugated iron roof had left the kitchen and sailed off into the garden.  We then put on our coats and left the house in the middle of the night.  I remember the thatch was up to my armpits but I don't remember being frightened.  We went next door to my father's Uncle Artie Cock and Aunt Clara's house.  The cottage belonged to Uncle Artie.  I remember getting into my cousin Laraine's nice warm bed.  Next day my mother was affronted because Miss Adams our head teacher asked if we had clean clothes.  It was a lovely old cottage and such a shame it had to be demolished.   The only water was a cold tap on the pear tree and the lavatory was outside.

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Caroline Gunstead and daughter Margaret (Fox) outside Pear Tree Cottages circa 1930. The Gunsteads lived at Pear Tree cottages before the Waldens (I believe).
Photo provided by Mr T. Fox.