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The Chequers Public House
Owners and Landlords

[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

1chequerold.gif (30651 bytes)

2chequerold2.gif (31592 bytes)

3Ralph Howlett and his Butcher's cart


In Edwardian times there were 10 public houses in Feltwell and two at Feltwell Anchor. Often, as the night wore on, arguments would arise and if a point was reached where it became evident that blows were about to be exchanged, the "contestants" were restrained. Immediate arrangements were made for a properly conducted duel of fisticuffs to take place at dawn.

Naturally, word of the duel passed quickly round the village and at dawn a large crowd would gather to watch the fight. Several of our "senior citizens" have told me that the usual venue was on the Old Brandon Road, although some were fought on the village green, opposite the (old) Chequers Inn.

Note the thatched roof to the 'Old' Chequers and St. Nicholas behind.  Howlett's Butchers shop on the right.

Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Hill House stables centre. Possibly the Butcher's Pony and Trap outside. The 'Old' Chequers was demolished between 1934 and 1937. Ralph William Howlett with his butcher's delivery cart. The Butcher's shop was on the right hand side of the 'Old' Chequers public house.

4chequerpeople.gif (24851 bytes)

5A young Steve Howlett with the new Chequers behind (small)

6Chequers 1 (small)

Children on the green outside the 'Old' Chequers Inn. 


Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Looking up the eastern arm of Short Beck. The child is Stephen Howlett. 'Old' Chequers and 'Ali' Barber's grocery van behind.  Beamis' cottage on left. Barber's shop was opposite what is R. Polilo's garage (small end of furniture store).

The 'Old' Chequers on the right.  Miss Clara Lambert at the door of her house. The two boys are believed to be Edmund William Lambert and A. J. Orange. (AJO)

7Chequers Inn hand-coloured

8chequers.gif (55928 bytes) 9chequers inn.gif (38600 bytes) 10Chequers 2 (small)
The 'New' Chequers. Looking West down Chapel Street (now Hill Street). Note that the small shop was not rebuilt.

The white building, centre, was a newsagents shop. (See Chapel Street)
Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Looking up the eastern arm of Short Beck 1912, before new roof. Both The Chequers and the butcher's next door were owned by Bertie Howlett.
Photo provided by Mrs Pearl Mann, Bertie's granddaughter.
Extra detail.
Feltwell is renowned architecturally for its examples of TUMBLING - the triangles of brickwork seen on the gables of buildings.

11cheqsnow.gif (22345 bytes)



The Chequers in snow. Same photo, hand coloured