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Hill Street

Named because it is on Feltwell's only hill

Addison Close
Archers Avenue
Barretts Lane
The Beck
Bell Street
Blackdyke Road
Breckland Farm
Camp Close
Clough Drive
Crabbes Close
Curtis Drive
East Hall
Fair Close
Fairfield Way
Falcon Road

Green Lane
Hall Drive
Hereward Way
High Street
Hill Street
Hythe Road

Lamberts Close
Leonards Lane

The Chequers Public House at the top of Hill Street.


chequers2.gif (52584 bytes)

Limekiln Lane
Lodge Road
Long Lane
Mulberry Close
Munsons Lane
Munsons Place
Newcombe Drive
Nightingale Lane
Oak Street
Old Brandon Road
Old Methwold Rd
Paynes Lane
Rawlins Way

Short Beck
Short Lane
St. Johns Way

St. Marys Street
St. Nicholas Drive
Southery Road
Sparkes Way
Vincent Close
Western Close
Wilton Road

The Chequers Public House.

chequers.gif (50372 bytes)

chequers_green.gif (35535 bytes)

The Chequers green on a bright summer's day.

hill_street.gif (36799 bytes)

Looking East down Hill Street.

hillst+post_office.gif (58031 bytes)

Looking West . Junction of Hill St, The Beck & St Mary's St.

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