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Feltwell's Timeline
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Feltwell Home Guard


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Back Row: Philip Steward, Billy Vale, Stephen Howlett, Percy Lemon, Sid Ryan, Sid Carpenter, William Eyres, Cecil Adams, Sid Payne
Third Row: Ken Wright, Ken Lambert, ? Hicks, Jack Garner, Maurice Pryer, Walter Brown, Mervyn Morley, Douglas Wing, Herbert Reeve, Geoffrey Pylon, Charles Fletcher, William Land, Raymond Wright, Charlie Wright.
Second Row: Earnest King, George Baxter, Tommy Llewellyn, Jack Wing, Dan Wortley, Len Fletcher, Les Spencer, ? Reeve, Alan Cooper, Wilfred Wash, Kenneth Lemon
Front Row: Ernie Vine, Stan Walker, William Harvey, Aley Banham, Jack (John) Orange, Arthur Dennington, Jack Southgate, Frank Curtis, Warren Back, Henry Johnson.



Civil Defence group at the rear.
Note the Barn at the Elm Tree Corner (corner of Cock St and Knacker's Lane (now part of Lime Kiln Lane)

parade72.jpg Home Guard behind the pipers. Note the direction signs had been removed. The policeman is acting Sergeant Buckle. The wall is around Feltwell Hall. Also note that there are no pavements.

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