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The Service of  The Blessing of the Plough.

plough_blessing1.jpg Left to-Right

George Lawrence, Salisbury Lambert, Malcolm Cock, Eric Secker, John Storey, Rev. Kennith Haynes, Clarence Walker, Ken Lawrence, Basil Vincent, John Waters.

(Photo from Mr. Eric Secker)


Read the newspaper report of this event.

plough_blessing2.jpg F. Secker, Mr F. Darby, Robbie Secker, Mr A. Fulcher, Ken Lawrence (behind the plough), Eric Secker.

(Photo from Mr. Eric Secker)

THE ANCIENT service of blessing the plough was introduced to the parish of Feltwell yesterday afternoon.

The Rector and Rural Dean, the Rev. K. G. Haynes, put together the order of service which he used in his former parish of Burwell, Cambridgeshire before he came to Feltwell nine months ago


At the start of the service a horse-drawn plough was pulled from the churchyard into the church and to the chancel rail by eight men, followed by a sack of grain pushed on a sack barrow.
With the plough and grain placed by the chancel, Mr. M. J. Storey asked the Rector to bless the work of farmers.  Lessons were read by Mr. W. Middleton, of Weasenham Farms, and Mr. R. Wilde, of Wereham.
Prayers for the Royal family were led by Mr. Francis Darby; for the Parish by Parish Clerk, Mrs T. A. Gyton, and for the farming community and the preservation of the countryside by Mr. J. Markham.