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A collection of photos that don't fit any other category!

Parades & Special Events
In some cases names can be found by clicking on the photo.

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

plough_blessing1.gif (50995 bytes)

plough_blessing2.gif (56204 bytes)

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Blessing the Plough Blessing the Plough

A Remembrance Day Parade. St Mary's is on the right and the shop in the background is the bank. Names here.
Photo provided by Eric Pryer

Additional pictures of the Home Guard can be found at this link
Home Guard

Dedication of Women's Section of Feltwell British Legion

Dedication ceremony of the Women's Section of the Feltwell branch of the British Legion, circa 1949.

For additional photographs click on the image.

Sq. Ld Day began the outside Carol Concerts with a Dutch organ.

carol_concert.gif (63222 bytes)

Christmas song in a Norfolk Village Street.
In St. Mary's Street, Feltwell, by the Christmas tree, the combined choirs of the Anglican, Methodist and Catholic churches lead a community service.
EDP Saturday, December 24, 1960

Old Tyme Dancing Club in the Coronation Day parade.  oldtymedancingclub.jpg (18403 bytes)
People are, except for the young woman right of centre who might be Marion Maggs. 
The horse and trailer was lent by Weasenham Farms (?) and the photo was taken in a hanger on Feltwell aerodrome.  A dance was held in the hanger that night and the temperature was so cold that most people kept their coats on for the whole of the evening.
Photo from Mrs V. Ryan

1956 Remembrance Day

remembrance_day1.jpg (29514 bytes)       remembrance_day2.jpg (31379 bytes)


band_outside_hut.jpg (31218 bytes)

Nothing is known about this photo but it was taken outside the YMCA building.  A couple of the men can be seen holding instruments and most are wearing medals.  It is suspected that it was taken on a Remembrance Day

bishop_base.jpg (42684 bytes)


A visit by, probably, the Bishop of Ely to RAF Feltwell.  Nothing else is known.

VE Day concert 7/5/05

Names & detail


Feltwell school swimming pool opening ceremony, 24th September, 1980


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