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75 Squadron material

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Provided by Mick Strickland Nose Art

R 1648 AA-K

Provided by Audrey Bailey Memorial unveiling 2003 James Ward V.C. et al  
Provided by Ken Flavell Comrades by Ken Moore - a poem Royal Blue by Gwyn Martin  
Provided by Rosie Walters Fighting Against the Odds by Dan Engle
Based upon the recollections of "Chappie" Chapman 
W. C. Arthur Ashworth  
Provided by James Arthur Robinson Sgt Alexander T Rowe Provided by Dion Rowe NEW    

May 2009 from Glen Turner (Secretary/Treasurer 75 Squadron Association NZ)

To all personnel that have served on 75 Squadron RNZAF,

The 75 Squadron Association has been an integral part of ensuring the history of this famous unit is preserved for all time. Several of our dedicated veterans have been researching the aircraft, the stations/bases and the people from 1916 until 2001, and in many areas the information on individual personnel is incorrect or does not exist. Therefore on behalf of the research team I am seeking as many of us as possible to request they complete the accompanying Personnel Information Form and send back to me.

All information is strictly confidential, and a copy will be sent to the Squadron Historian in Lower Hutt for updating the unit history, Volume 2. Two volumes are being produced. Volume 1 being the history of the Squadron and Volume 2 a comprehensive list of some 6,000 names of those that have served on 75 SQN. If you have historical material to donate or wish to join the Association, please detach and return the slip below. I will then send an Invoice and newsletter as required.   The slip referred to is in this pdf file