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Allen Henry Baxter   (Known as Al or Ali)

Born 1870.

Died 1957 aged 87.

He married when he was 21. He married Elizabeth Watts she was 20 years old from West Dereham

Allen Henry Baxter was a Farmer, it was said he made his money in the First World War by supplying the army with fodder for the Horse’s. His farm was in Long Lane Feltwell, the farm stood where the Guardroom Gates now stand. He farmed land down Black Dyke and Corkway Drove.

He was an excellent shot he loaded his own cartridges. He was known in his day for mole catching trapping netting snaring and poaching in the fens. I have been told he carried his gun fixed to his crossbar on his hike and the bike had a carrier that was fixed to the front of his bike and it was more often than not loaded with rabbits hares and pheasants when he came home.

The law was not so strict in those days as they are now with guns.

A. Challiss (Great Grandson.)