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A collection of photographs featuring

Individuals and Groups
In some cases names can be found by clicking on the photo.

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

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Lt to rt Doreen Sparrow,    Susan Brown, Ulva Silvester  Margaret Whitehead and ? Taken in 1948 4 school girls at the seaside. Front row middle Toni Burr right  Jennifer Monroe Toni Burr as a bridesmaid at Michael Edwards' sister's wedding  about 1946 From Doreen Gineil A Methodist Congregation
howlett sisters.gif (33059 bytes) meths2.jpg (27019 bytes) British Legion Women's Section 1947-48 charly72.gif (37635 bytes)
Derek, Joyce, Barabara, Pearl Howlett. Taken at Commerce House in 1933.
Provided by Pearl Mann (nee Howlett)
c1955, Methodist Hall.
Only names known are Front Row Grandmother Mrs Mary Baker and standing at the back  Maisie Baker.
Photo from David Baker
British legion Women's Section 1947-48. Charlie Baker

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thomas_andrews.gif (44564 bytes)
View of south side of Chapel Street. The lady is a (nee) Gent, either Dolly or Mabel.

Photo provided by Dennis Flack.

Dennis Flack and mother Dolly (nee Gent). The buildings behind are on the south side of Chapel Street.
Photo provided by Dennis Flack.
A Post war party held in the RAF Gymnasium.
Names here
Mr. Thomas Andrews.

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wedding.gif (46344 bytes) lemmons2.gif (26122 bytes) lemmons1.gif (25573 bytes)
St. Johns Ambulance Group
Names here.

Photo provided by Mr P. Cooper
Names here Early 1930s. The Lemmon children. Extra detail
Photo provided by Verna Ryan.
The 1950s.  The same Lemmon children.  Extra detail
Photo provided by Verna Ryan.
chequersbar.gif (32770 bytes) brewington.gif (26573 bytes) granddadsparrow.gif (60821 bytes)

bobbiburr.gif (29530 bytes)

Col. John McManners, US Army and Col. Ron O'Leary, US Marine Corp. with Colin English (Landlord) at The Chequers.   About 1990. John Brewington, survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade.
Born Feltwell Jan.15th 1834, Baptised (St Mary's) Nov 22nd 1834, Died (Fulham) Jan 20th 1892 of Bronchitis.
Grandfather Wilson Sparrow.
Photo from Doreen Gineil (nee Sparrow)

Details to follow

Bobbie Burr serving customers at the bar of the Oak Hotel.

Photo from Toni Burr

silkpursewives.gif (40185 bytes) Silk Purse Wives at  The Chequers soldiers.gif (47702 bytes) 1910. 4th Battalion (Territorials) Norfolk Regiment
Standing: Fred Lemmon, ?,?,?
Laying: Edgar Laws, Ellis Laws.
bj1.gif (29052 bytes)       bj2.gif (37991 bytes)       bj3.gif (25224 bytes)      bj4.gif (71018 bytes) The Blackjacks, Feltwell's first rock and roll band.
Glyn Walden, David Howes, Mike Edwards and Carl the Swiss pictured. Peter (Dick) Wing probably on camera.
Photos from Glyn Walden
party  1.gif (60681 bytes) harvest meal.gif (80858 bytes) walkers.jpg (12450 bytes) enefer_wedding.jpg (34538 bytes)
'Good Neighbours Club' Christmas party, 1980.  Names
Photo provided by Mr P. Cooper
Harvest supper in the Methodist Hall in 1979
Photo provided by Mr P. Cooper
Mr & Mrs Greg Walker. 
Greg lived to be 101.

Photo provided by Alan Whitehand
Mrs Enefer, Mick Enefer, Fl Sgt Pugh, Fl Sgt Walters, Mrs Walters (daughter), Miss Molly Marks, Bob Enefer, Alfred Enefer (father), Rex the dog
whistler_wedding.jpg (17512 bytes)
Wedding of Arthur Whistler to Dorothy Jacobs. 
Photo from Chris Cock
alan_baxter.jpg (24078 bytes)
Alan Henry Baxter

Alun Lines in the castle at Mrs Swann's.
Photo from Alun.
mrmrs_everitt.jpg (14696 bytes)
Mrs Rebecca (nee Fresher) & Mr John Everitt
verna1.jpg (19382 bytes) verna2.jpg (18264 bytes) verna3.jpg (17602 bytes) percy_spencer.jpg (21419 bytes)
Photo from Verna Ryan
Photo from Verna Ryan
Photo from Verna Ryan
Mr Percy Spencer, Scoutmaster & Steward of the YMCA.
girlsa.jpg (14579 bytes) elisa_lawrence.jpg (25684 bytes) 3men.jpg (22081 bytes) ororke_family_probably.jpg (28525 bytes)
Taken about 1948.  The girls are, L to R, unknown, Jean Martin, Angela Martin, Jenny Monroe.

Photo via  Doreen Sparrow Giniel from ?

Believed to be Elisa, wife of William Everett Lawrence (nee Butcher 1867-1935) Sister of Samuel Butcher. Road end of Bell Cottage, Bell St No information is currently available for this photograph. Believed to be the Reverend O'Rorke and family
old_car_postoffice.jpg (32769 bytes)

Photo from Alasdair Kerr Boyle

Dr. Andrew Kerr Boyle standing beside his Bullnose Morris outside the Post Office. The picture was taken in 1935 and in 1985 (50 years later) I parked my car in the same place and had a similar photo taken. My daughter has said that she'll go there and take another in 2035.  What a great idea. Mr Don Feltwell, Headmaster, emerges from the newly opened school swimming pool on 24th September, 1980. Eric and Joyce Secker Event unknown.
Back row: Angela Martin, Ann ?, Shirley Maggs, Joyce Walker, Maureen Birch
Middle row: Brenda Leech, ?, Barbara ?
Front row: Beryl Haylett, Helen Gunsted, Sylvia ?

Mr & Mrs J. Broadwater


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