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1=Kathleen Brown  2=Stephen Martin  3=David Tomlinson  4=James Hutt 5=Christopher Sturgeon  6=Jennifer Kent  7=Kathleen Amoss  8=Jane Rayne  9=Geoffrey Thomas  10=Peter Fox   11=Jean Brocklebank  12=Virginia Coombe  13=Welma Chapman  14=Patricia Wing  15=Wendy Weight  16=Julie Riding  17=Ingrid Shavelin  18=Charles Butcher  19=Richard Yeldon 20=Sidney Lesley  21=Maureen McClay  22=Geraldine Baldock  23=Sarah Newton  24=Lorna Davidson 25=Mrs Pocock  26=Toby Watts  27=Robert Granger  28=Robert Walden  29=Terry Brown.

As Robert remembers it...
Am fairly sure this would have been about 1959 because our next teachers would have been Mr Feltwell and Mrs Bunting (Addison) - making the children about 9 years old. Mrs Pocock seemed so very young to us - probably in mid/late twenties - which means she would be approaching 70 now; good grief! I remember Geoffrey Thomas saying that Mrs Pocock was his favourite teacher despite the fact she had him caned several times. Charlesworth (who took and developed the photo)

The Lesleys were a big family in Western Close and there may be some family still around. Jane Rayner lived down the fen or Blackdyke and was cousin to the Lodge Rd Rayners. Jimmy Hutt (Hockwold)has done a lot of building work in the area, including my Aunt Gerts cottage conversion. Pat Wing is a Munson Place Wing. Lorna Davidson is a first cousin to me and Chris Cock - her mother still lives at Lakenheath Station House. Toby Watts lived at Wilton Rd.