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A collection of photographs featuring people enjoying a break.

Fetes and Trips
In some cases names can be found by clicking on the photo.

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

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fetefloat_small.gif (8735 bytes)1902

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The grounds of the Rectory were used for a variety of events including the Club Feasts

A daytrip out.

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Additional pictures can be found at the link below.

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The Brown family day out at Yarmouth about 1930.
(Photo from MrsBetty Brown)

The Gypsies - Feltwell girls at presumably a summer fete fancy dress.

Enterprise Band

Fete at Church c1956 Doreen Sparrow in Best Ankle competition with Phillip Archer from the radio Archer's.
Photo from Doreen
dogshow.jpg fetea.jpg (30923 bytes)

feteatrec2.jpg (36285 bytes) 

wi_outing.jpg (19366 bytes)
The village fete dog show about 1956. Toni Burr and dog - 1st Prize winner on left.
Photo from Toni Burr
    Taken at Newcastle-under-Lyme. W.I. outing to Wedgewood Potteries and Frencham Park June 8th 1949
  Taken at the same event as the photo at the top of the column but showing Rev and Mrs O'Rorke in front of the cart and only available in large size. Sent as a postcard in 1902.    

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