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A collection of photographs of young people at school.

Class Photographs

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

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Names here

Mercy Edwards' class from Thetford Grammar school. Teacher: Miss Winie Spinks Taken about 1925

Mabel Gent (nee Tilling) with children outside old Little School. Note no grass and benches. Photo from Dennis Flack.

class1959.jpg reception_class.gif (27774 bytes) class2.gif (66152 bytes) school class 2.gif (68275 bytes)
C1959 Names here.
Photo from Robert Walden
Reception class - Mrs Muriel Walden (late 60s)
Photo from Glynn Walden
Names here 1970 Photo from  Mr P. Cooper
school class.gif (44262 bytes)
1969       Photo provided by Mr P. Cooper
class.gif (29319 bytes)
  Some names here
school class3.gif (76542 bytes) 1968 Photo from   Mr P. Cooper class3.jpg (29096 bytes) An infant class, date unknown.
Gertrude Walden, second from right, back row.
Photo from Alison Whistler
brenda1.jpg (23000 bytes) Feltwell Elementary School on RAF Feltwell.
Photo from Brenda Carroll
Brenda would like contact from any classmates pictured. Email webmaster.
1890schoolclass.jpg (38829 bytes) Headmaster - Enoch Mears. Named in directories of Norfolk bearing dates from 1883-1900. He resigned 31-12-1903. Photo taken 1898/9.
Mistress - Miss Wilkins (his niece) & 2 other lady teachers. The entire staff terminated their engagement on the same day as Mears.
1968 Mrs Charlesworth's class.

Names here

Photo from Paul Cole

1969 Mrs Newport's class - Junior 1

Mrs Newport was from Hockwold and her husband Fred kept the fish and chip shop in Hockwold which is now the newsagents near Hockwold school
Photo from Paul Cole

A PE in the School Hall, c1967
 showing the painting of Sir Edmund de Moundeford, signed CM Freud 1962 on the bottom right corner.

Photo from Bridget Hall

Class from 1969-70

Names here

Photo from Bridget Hall

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