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Back Row from left : Ella Walden (nee Clarke) holding baby Kenneth, Alice Walker, Henry Barton Walden and Ruth Walden (nee Walker); Arthur (Artie) Cock; Ernie Young (groom); Rev. Field; and Margaret Young (bride, nee Walden); Alice Young; Gertie Walden; Lewis Judkins and Minnie Judkins (nee Walden).

Middle Row (left) : Sam Judkins (son of Lewis and of Minnie's deceased sister Hettie and Violet Judkins (daughter of Lewis and Hettie, with hat)

Front Row from left : Geoffrey Walden, Clara Cock (nee Walden) with baby Peggy; children: Vera Judkins (daughter of Lewis and Hettie); Raymond & Henry Cecil (Bob) Walden; Betty Cock, Winnie Cook (daughter of Minnie Judkins and her deceased husband, William); Dorothy Jacobs,  Mrs Cock is seated on the right.

(Photo from Mrs McClellan)


The Whistler & Walden Family Album.