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All photos from Alison Whistler.

The Whistler & Walden Families

Additional detail from Robert Walden & Rosemary Thorburn

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Arthur Whistler-Tuck Arty Cock and Cousin (name unknown) Baby Dorothy Ruth Jacobs with her parents Ruth Jacobs (nee Walden) and Cecil Luke Jacobs

The wedding of Alf Fletcher to Betty Cock. Best Man - Alfie Cock, Bridesmaids - Enid Younge (L), Hetty Cock (R), Airman  - Trevor Emmanuel & Pageboys - Malcolm Walden Cock (L) & Michael Walden Cock (R)

Cecil Luke Jacobs and Ruth Walden. December 1914.

(Alison's great grandparents)
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Back Row: Robert Henry Gladstone Walden & Ella Walden (nee Clarke), Cecil Jacobs (groom), Ruth Walden (Bride), Henry Barton Walden, Ruth Walden (nee Walker)
 Front Row: Samuel Judkins (pageboy), bridesmaids - Gertrude Walden & Violet Judkin.  December 1914.

Cecil Jacobs doing his daily deliveries from the shop

Cecil Jacobs is on the back row in the middle (goalkeeper).

The rest are all unknown.

Clara Walden born 08/01/1894, married 17/10/1918 to Arthur Robert Cock.

Colin (back) and Raymond (front) Whistler, sons of Arthur and Dorothy Whistler (nee Jacobs).

Raymond died when he was 5 of Leukaemia

dogs.jpg (34886 bytes) dorothy_jacobs.jpg (125978 bytes) dorothy_ruth_jacobs.jpg (27463 bytes) enid_youngs.jpg (105097 bytes) fathers_car.jpg (111795 bytes)

Cecil Jacobs. He was a gamekeeper as well as a shopkeeper

Dorothy Jacobs is at the bottom right hand corner, (Rest unknown.) Dorothy Ruth Jacobs.

Bride and Groom – Enid Younge and Trevor Emmanuel. Smallest Bridesmaid - Mareth Griffiths. Nobody else is known.

Dorothy Jacobs sitting in her fathers car outside the shop in Bell Street.
four_generations.jpg (25879 bytes) gert.jpg (21916 bytes)   gertrude_walden.jpg (23221 bytes) last_photo.jpg (17534 bytes) girl_guides.jpg (18562 bytes)  The Judkins Family
Four Generations.
Elizabeth Walker (nee Hammond), her daughter Ruth (wife of Henry Barton Walden), her grdaughter Rachel Walden & gt-grdaughter Miriam.
Gertrude Walden One of the last photos (and one of my favourite of my great aunt) Gertrude Walden. Gertrude Walden in the Girl Guide uniform with her half sister Dorothy Jacobs.

Henrietta (Hettie) Judkins (nee Walden) with Lewis Judkins (married 16/07/1907) and their three children, Samuel (born 24/01/1909, died 02/06/1984), Violet, Vera. Hettie died of TB.

henry_barton_walden.jpg (26899 bytes) henry_cecil_walden.jpg (19273 bytes) henry_family.jpg (27991 bytes) iris_walden.jpg (21018 bytes) minnie&_lewis_judkins.jpg (175746 bytes)
Henry Barton Walden is second from right on the back row.  He had qualified as a stonemason but had his right hand crushed by falling masonry whilst saving the life of an apprentice.  He became a shopkeeper in Feltwell and helped out local builders.

Henry Cecil Walden (Bob) and Muriel Norah Jones

Henry died in 1969.  He was a Parish, Rural District and County Councillor.

Children at the back:  Minnie, Ruth, Henrietta.
Middle row: Henry Barton Walden, Ruth Walden, Barton Hammond.
Two small children: Robert Henry Gladstone Walden, Margaret (Clara)

Iris Walden and Gordon Davidson. Lived at the crossing gate at Lakenheath.

Minnie and Lewis Judkins

After the death of his first wife Hettie (see above) on 11/09/1915, Lewis married her sister Minnie on 14/01/1920

minnie_walden.jpg (158273 bytes) minnie_walden1.jpg (176585 bytes) monica_pam_youngs.jpg (23092 bytes) monica_griffiths.jpg (90828 bytes) pat_young.jpg (97124 bytes)

Minnie Walden marrying William J Cook

Four older Bridesmaids are Minnie’s sisters, L to R - Margaret, Ruth and  Clara Walden and  Miss Ella Winifred  Clark  who later married Robert Henry Gladstone Walden (standing next to her, far right).

The two smaller bridesmaids are Gertrude Walden (in front of bridegroom) and Miriam Swann (niece of Minnie)

The lady fourth from the left is Ruth Walden (nee Walker, brides mother), Old gentleman, next to bride is Henry Barton Walden (brides father) The two gentlemen (one at each end of photo) are believed to be Henry Barton’s sons – Barton Hammond (L) and Robert Henry Gladstone (R). The Best man was Mr P Phillips of Worlingham Suffolk

Minnie Walden born 01/01/1877, married 1st William J Cook on 15/09/1910 had one daughter Winnie, born 30/01/1912, 2nd Lewis Judkins (her deceased sisters husband).

 She died 22/06/1971 at Bury St Edmunds Hospital aged 94

Monica and Pam Younge Bride – Monica Younge
Groom – Michael Griffiths 
Left – Ernest William Younge, Pam Younge, Bridesmaid – Pat (Younge (we think))
Right – Bridesmaid - Enid Younge, Margaret (Maggie) Younge nee Walden.
Gentleman at the back is unknown. Taken outside Gladstone House

Wedding of Pat Younge to Jimmy McLellan

 L to R. Elizabeth Best, man  unknown, Mareth Griffiths, Jimmy and Pat, father Ernie Younge and sister Enid Younge on the right of the bride

peggy_cock.jpg (93853 bytes) rachel_elizabeth_swann.jpg (166033 bytes) ruth_walden.jpg (26177 bytes) 3generations1.jpg (69876 bytes)

Peggy Cock

Rachel Elizabeth Swann (nee Walden) with her husband Thomas, and their four children, Ruth Walden (later Ruth Jacobs) with the first bicycle in Feltwell Cecil Jacobs with his daughter Dorothy Whistler (nee Jacobs) and grandson Colin Whistler
outside_shop.jpg (24585 bytes)

Dorothy Ruth Jacobs standing outside her fathers shop (18-20 Bell Street, where Gertrude Walden lived until she died in 1986

A listing of the offspring of Henry Barton Walden and Ruth (nee Walker) Walden is available upon request. Another Walden wedding

Another Whistler wedding