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A collection of photographs featuring young people.

Youth Organisations
In some cases names can be found by clicking on the photo.

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

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Four photos of Feltwell Scouts at Hopton-on-sea in 1938.
L to R: Stephen Howlett, Raymond Weight, John Hayes, Percy Lemon, Alan Whitehand
All 4 provided by Mr Alan Whitehand

Back Row: Edward Fletcher, Elmer Lake,
Front row: Frank Curtis, Stan Taylor, Alan Whitehand, Raymond Weight, Sandy the Dog.   The shadow is from Percy B. Spencer, the Scoutmaster.

L to R: Edward Fletcher, Raymond Weights, Alan Whitehand, Stan Taylor, Frank Curtis L to R: John Hayes, Percy Lemon, Alan Whitehand, Joseph Bollingford.

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Further names required

Names here Names here Names here

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Feltwell Guides 1951         Photo from Doreen Gineil (nee Sparrow)
Front row, 7th from Left is Doreen Sparrow. Back row from left #9 and #10 are Rose and Mary Lesley

1st Feltwell Scout Group 1956
 Names here

Photograph provided by Mr David Baker

1960. 1st Feltwell Scout group join with RAF Feltwell American Scout Troop. HQ, The Old Senior School.
David Baker (left) and an unknown American Scout lowering the Union Jack.
Photo from David Baker

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Brownies from 1957-58.    Names

1970 Scout Pack Leader: Catherine Cole, second from left, back row.
David Cole, back row, standing right
Paul Cole, middle row, standing left

Cubs of 1953   Names
Photo from Eric Pryer


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