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The Tower Mill
Situated on the hill at the end of Wilton Road. Erected in 1860.

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The Mill with a sign


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Tower Mill 2 (small) Tower Mill 1 (small)

The Sails and spindles were ripped out during storms in 1908 and a few years later. Due to friction, fire was a hazard. The Mill was damaged by fire in 1927 It was considered to be a hazard to aircraft and was demolished in the late 1930s. Taken 18/3/32

This is a very rare photo as the mill displays a sign which reads 'Daren Bread'. The chimney is from a steam generator brought in to replace the sails. Date unknown.

Kindly provided by Thetford Museum.


Sepia print from Chris Cock

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The Mill was left to become derelict and it wasn't until 1998 that the land was sold for building.  The Mill base and the house, being listed, have to be repaired/rebuilt by the new owners.

Derelict Mill Base (small) All that was left in 1998 of the windmill base.  Work has just begun on exposing the foundations.  The barn has also to be converted. The old mill house (small)The Mill house which is currently undergoing renovation.