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‘B’ Flight. No. 3 S.F.T.S. [Service Flying Training School]

Training of No. 1 Course commenced on 8th February, 1946, and terminated   4th September., 1946.

30 Cadets commenced training, 28 of whom reached Wings standard

The Presentation of Wings and Passing Out Parade Of No. 1 Course was by Air Commodore C. Mc. C. Vincent, D.F.C., A.F.C. and was held at the  Castle Hotel, Downham Market.

  1. F/O Hale
  2. F/LT Crook
  3. F/LT Spencer
  4. F/LT Johnston
  5. F/LT Buckley
  6. F/LT Davidson
  7. W/O Corbett





1.  Johnny N. Lee   2.  George F. Biggs   3.  William K. Sewell  4.  Edward E. Cook  5.  George E. W. Shaw (did not reach Wings standard)  6.  Johnny A. Watson  7.  Joe R. Ingram  8.  Ken A. Griffiths  9.  Alf Reddish  10.  A. Johnny F. Ward  11.  J. D. ‘Pat’ Patterson  12.  Sgt G. Dougie Leyshon  13.  Sgt Harry Marlow  14.  Joe Moody   15.   Stan. C. Strachan  16.  Frank W. Burney  17.  D. F. ‘Pat’ Crook    18.  H. T. ‘General’ Stilwell   19.  Pete W. Flower  20.  Pete B. H. Monger   21.   Pete J. Devany  22.  Jock R. Maitland  23.  Syd P. Smith   24.  Ken Meeson  25.  E. Jimmy Cosgrove  26.  Pete W. Carr    
The following are listed on the paperwork associated with this course but are NOT named on the back of the photograph.
27.  E. W. Bergin  28.  P. F. Hills  29.  G. King   30.   A. Young - (did not reach Wings standard)

As to the names of the two ladies sat on the plane I have no idea.  Please e-mail me if you know.

Programme for the Presentation Ceremony 1 (small)

These are large thumbnails of the 'Presentation of Wings' Programme.

The actual pictures are very large.  You have been warned!

Programme for the Presentation Ceremony 2 (small)