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RAF Feltwell Memorial Pages
 incl. Aircrew photographs

RAF Feltwell
(Sergeants Mess Bomb Damage)

The Station opened 12th March 1937.
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FTS and 75 (NZ) squadron photos

lancs.gif (50375 bytes)

A lone Wellington waits (small)

Harrows at the newly opened airfield

Airbase hanger (small)

Lancasters of No. 3 Lancaster Finishing School in December 1944.

(Photo provided by Mervyn McClellan)

A lone Wellington.  Note the bicycle on the left and the guard. The road in the background is Wilton Road. Harrows parked at the newly opened Feltwell airbase. Probably Spring 1937 and of 214 squadron. (Photo provided by Brian Leet)

This photo from 1941 shows one of Feltwell's 2 camouflaged hangers.  These can be seen in the aerial photos below.

Wellington wreckage (small)

The tail unit of a Wellington Bomber. Not the result of a crash but of an explosion.  Read about it here.

The Wellingtons were christened "Wimpys" after a cartoon character. Note - the criss-cross (Geodetic) construction of the fuselage, a strengthening feature peculiar to the Wellington and designed by Prof. Barnes Wallis.

airtraffic_control_inside.gif (63968 bytes)

Left - Inside the Air Traffic Control Tower.  Flight Lieutenant H. J. Lawson at the  console which came from RAF South Cerney in bits and pieces and which he rebuilt.

airtraffic_control_outside.gif (39439 bytes)

airtraffic_tower.jpg (21412 bytes)

harvard_taxiing.jpg (75785 bytes)

A Harvard Taxiing.

Photo from Derek Routen who spent 18 months during 1948-9 in Block 33, 3 FTS  Repair & Maintenance section, HQ Flight.

harvard_polish.jpg (30547 bytes) The C.O.'s Harvard which had been stripped of its yellow trainer paint and polished with 'Brasso'. All by hand!

Photo from Derek Routen

The 4 photos below have waited so long to get onto this page that I've lost the details regarding their source! Help would be appreciated in this matter.
raf3.jpg (15557 bytes) raf2.jpg (14823 bytes)Details raf1.jpg (17150 bytes) Names

raf4.jpg (12234 bytes)
Probably taken several years later than the Harrow photo above - note the tree growth outside #2 hanger.

This wonderful aerial shot of RAF Feltwell was taken in 1969.

Click on it to see it full size.

With thanks to James M.
Added Nov. 2021


The same aerial view only this time annotated.

Again, click onit to see full size.

Thanks, James.

Now here's a novelty!
One of the original RAF Feltwell Golf Club membership cards with names of Club officials. 
From Vic Redmond
The photographs below were found at RAF Lakenheath. In many cases nothing is known about them other than the fact that they were taken at Feltwell, we think. 
Any additional information would be most welcome.
 Captions from:
DE - Dan Engle
RW - Robert Walden
AJ - Alan Jarvis
JR - John Reid
Stirling Bomber Research Library and Photographic Archive. 


feltwell__aerial1.jpg (50467 bytes)1
Note the camouflaged hangers and the control tower.
feltwell_aerial2a.jpg (30193 bytes)2 feltwell_briefing1.jpg (39341 bytes)3
A 199 Squadron crew briefing given by Wing Commander Bray at Lakenheath - JR


5 6
Stirling EF411. OJ-K. 149 Squadron. @ Lakenheath - JR
feltwell10-23.JPG (46002 bytes)7
199 Squadron Sergeants Mess, Lakenheath - JR

feltwell11-23.JPG (38971 bytes)8
199 Squadron crews at Lakenheath shown after a raid on Germany - JR

feltwell12-23.JPG (25880 bytes)9
Royal Visit to RAF Lakenheath. 199 Squadron, Stirlings and crews. DE
feltwell1-23.JPG (20792 bytes)10
A Hudson (you can tell by the entrance door design and the shape of the tail cone) - AJ
feltwell13-23.JPG (20869 bytes)11
214 Squadron Harrow A/C D at Feltwell or possibly Empire Air Day RAF Mildenhall 1937 DE

feltwell14-23.JPG (24646 bytes)12
A Lockheed Ventura 1942-43 RW
AJ231, SB-D, being loaded with incendiaries - AJ

feltwell15-23.JPG (23717 bytes)13
Visit by Hon. Bill Jordan, High Commissioner for New Zealand
feltwell16-23.JPG (29196 bytes)14 feltwell17-23.JPG (11925 bytes)15

feltwell18-23.JPG (35717 bytes)16

feltwell19-23.JPG (20572 bytes)17
464 Squadron Ventura at Feltwell. Copyright Imperial War Museum. DE
feltwell20-23.JPG (18079 bytes)18 feltwell21-23.JPG (31815 bytes)19

feltwell22-23.JPG (26263 bytes)20

feltwell2-23.JPG (19147 bytes)21
A Lockheed Ventura (?) 1942-43 RW
feltwell23-23.JPG (27463 bytes)22
AJ231, SB-D (see also No. 12)-  AJ
feltwell3-23.JPG (16592 bytes)23
AE939 on a mission in Jan, 1943. It flew a total of 19 missions with 464 Sqdn. prior to a landing accident on May 11, 1943. You will notice that the artwork underneath the aircraft code's is original Disney artwork applied by the Disney artists at the factory in Burbank, California. Walt Disney himself encouraged his artists to do this on their off time as the factory was next door to his studios! - AJ

feltwell4-23.JPG (23273 bytes)24
This is Wing Commander Bob Young, 464 Sqdn's first Commanding Officer. He was nicknamed "The Greek God" by many of the crews. - AJ

feltwell5-23.JPG (22899 bytes)25 feltwell6-23.JPG (26132 bytes)26 feltwell8-23.JPG (17031 bytes)27
SB-J, 464 Squadron Ventura - DE
This is SB-J, which the crew nicknamed "Joybelle". The nose perspex bottom frame has teeth painted on it. - AJ

feltwell9-23.JPG (18247 bytes)28
R Robert 149 Wellington Squadron at Mildenhall. DE

harrows_in_flight.jpg (13552 bytes)
Harrows in flight from Michael J F Bowyer
This is a Handley Page Heyford at Feltwell circa 1937/38. The aircraft in the background are Handley Page Harrows which were resident here at the time. The Heyford must have been on a visit as they went out of service soon after this picture was taken .

Photo from Chris Cock