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Flying Display

2.30 p.m. to 5.05 p.m.


 2.30 p.m.               Item 1      Formation take off and Formation Drill by 20 Harvards.

2.44 p.m.                 Item 2.     Chipmunk Training Aircraft-Aerobatic Display.

2.50 p.m.                 Item 3.     Meteor Jet Fighter-Aerobatic Display.

3.00 p.m.                 Item 4.     Demonstration of Asymmetric Flying by a SOLENT Flying Boat.

3.03 p.m.                 Item 5.     Fly-past by a Formation of 6 Vampires and 9 Meteor Fighters.

3.08 p.m.                 Item 6.     Harvard Trainer-Aerobatic Display

3.15 p.m.                 Item 7.     Fly-past by a Formation of 12 Meteor Fighters.

3.18 p.m.                 Item 8.     "The Royal Cipher"-Spelt out by 20 Harvards in Formation, followed by a Stream-landing.

3.27 p.m.                 Item 9.     SET-PIECE-Demonstrating a Dive-bombing Attack by 6 Harvards on a Bandit Camp in Malaya.

TEA INTERVAL 3.30 to 4 p.m.

Music Played by the Royal Air Force Station FELTWELL Band.

4.00 p.m.                 Item 10.   Fly-past by a Formation of 3 Lincolns and 2 Spitfires.

4.03 p.m.                 Item 11.   Fly-past by Wellington Bombers in formation.

4.06 p.m.                 Item 12.   Demonstration of Asymmetric Flying by a Wellington Bomber.

4.15 p.m.                 Item 13.   Formation Aerobatics by Meteor Fighters.

4.30 p.m.                 Item 14.   Demonstration of Asymmetric Flying by a Lincoln Bomber.

4.40 p.m.                 Item 15.   Fly-past by a Sea Fury of the Royal Navy:

4.45 p.m.                 Item 16.   Fly-past by a Hornet of the Royal Navy.

4.50 p.m.                 Item 17.   Fly-past by a Firefly of the Royal Navy.

4.55 p.m.                 Item 18.   Formation Flying and Stream landing by 6 Prentices.

5.00 p.m.                 Item 19.   Take-off and Fly-past by a Canberra Jet Bomber.

5.05 p.m.                 Item 20.   Pyrotechnic Display.


 NOTE. The programme is subject to alterations as a result of inclement weather or other causes.  Amendments will be broadcast on the loudspeaker system.

Static Display

The aircraft that you will see today in the Aircraft Park are a small sample of the types in service with the Royal Air Force. They include representatives from Bomber, Fighter, Transport and Flying Training Command.

 The aircaft that you will see include:-

                        CANBERRA BOMBER                      METEOR FIGHTER

                        LINCOLN BOMBER                         SPITFIRE FIGHTER

                        WELLINGTON TRAINER                 VALETTA TRANSPORT

                        MOSQUITO TRAINER                      DEVON TRANSPORT

                        HARVARD TRAINER                        ANSON TRAINER

                        PRENTICE TRAINER                        TIGER MOTH TRAINER

                        VARSITY TRAINER                          CHIPMUNK TRAINER

 The pilots of these aircraft will be available to tell you about them.


Some of the aircraft in the Static  Aircraft Park will be taking part in the  Flying  Display.

You are requested to co-operate with the officials and move clear of aircraft being started up as soon as you are asked.


The following items are provided for your

Entertainment and Interest

Many interesting pieces of R.A.F. Equipment, such  as  aero-engines,  armament,  parachutes and radios  are on view in No.3 Hangar.


Don't miss the attractive Sideshows in No. 3 Hangar,  where  you  may  try  your  skill  and win prizes!


See  how  the  R.A.F.  Live!   No. 91  Barrack Block is open for your inspection.

You  must  not  fail  to go on  a  tour  round the station in



A  Recruiting  Bureau  is  provided  in  No. 3 Hangar  where  experts  will  answer  all  your questions on a


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