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The following is a list of the changes to this website with the most recent changes shown first:

A shocking 2 years since I last made an entry here! Things have been quiet and I'm now firmly of the opinion that anyone anywhere with an interest in Feltwell has been in touch as requests for Feltwellian status have dropped to about 3 a year, hence there has been no need to do regular updates. However, in 2010 I started a Parish Council section and update this with Council minutes each month.
Added Feltwell Web Family links, amended others. Added Winifred Spinks' life story.
Photographs of RAF Feltwell between 1952-1957 from Ivan Reeman (M.T.D.). Chronology page for 2008 updated.
BIG PICS of St Nicholas Church plus some NEW St Nicholas photographs.
The first of many BIG PICS added. These are high resolutions scans of many of the existing photographs presented at full-screen size. Look out for the . Also even higher scans of detail are available in some pictures, indicated by a additional Magnifier icons. Big Pics will feature on the Photo of the Month page.
New Google Site Search added as MS stop supporting Front Page Extension and my hosting company withdraws support in turn. Favicon introduced. Began rescanning of 'Historical Tour' postcards at higher resolution.
RAF Feltwell Memorial listing now arranged alphabetically and minor changes to the RAF Feltwell section. Feltwellians list updated.
http://www.feltwell.org.uk purchased after a period in limbo due to the fact that I missed the renewal date!
Site moved to its new home at http://www.feltwell.net.
New photo added to RAF Feltwell Memorial pages, Feltwellians list updated and broken links repaired.
The first videos added to the site showing compass point pans from the top of St Mary's Tower.
Extremely rare photographs of the WW1 RAF Feltwell station added. An interesting footnote added to the Feltwell Doctors page.
Anderson family page added. New photos of 75 Squadron from James Robinson
Junior 2's play of the Wizard of Oz from 1972. Two class photos added to School Photos.
Various photographs added to Youth Organisations, School Photos, Individuals and Groups.
Many broken links fixed. Three new pages added to RAF Feltwell articles. One is based upon the recollections of "Chappie" Chapman, a 75Sq pilot, the second is a letter from Gwyn Martin to Stan Brooks about his time with 75Sq. Both contains references to Jimmy Ward VC. The last concerns some Luftwaffe Fighter Aces at Feltwell post WW2. Links added to all those on the RAF Memorial List. Also, Betty Brown remembers coming to Feltwell in 1955.
www.feltwell.org launched on an unsuspecting world!
www.feltwell.org purchased. All 3 sites amalgamated.
St Nicholas detail pages added. Photographs from inside and additional detail outside.
Air Show Programme from 1952 added to RAF Feltwell site.  Inside St Nicholas Church and Extra External detail pages finally completed. Toni Burr's photos inserted appropriately. Story of 75 Squadron fitter added.
Additional photos of the RAF Feltwell Air Show in 1956. Two pages of photos from Toni Burr, all requiring further details.
New details added to RAF page. New photo of Wilton Road and one in The Beck from 1935.  New photos and articles on the RAF Feltwell include Feltwell Air Show c1956 and additional contributions on Feltwell's Navy volunteers. List of Lost Members removed.
Two new photographs featuring the Post Office in The Beck.  One from 1948-49 and one from 1935 which also features a magnificent Bullnose Morris. The St Mary's subweb completed by addition of pages about Memorials, the Rood Screen, Tudor Pews and Miscellaneous photos.
Article about Feltwell's Navy volunteers during WW2 including a photograph of the crew of HMS Salmon. Added more informative page number buttons to RAF site. Blackdyke Road page completed.  New photographs of Wilton Road, The Sanctuary and Big Sky replaced/added.  Brief notes added on the origin of many Feltwell streets and roads.  The St Mary's subweb expanded by the addition of several pages showing the stained glass windows in detail.
Photographs from the inauguration of RAF Feltwell golf course added to RAF Feltwell site.
Additional photographs relating to Harry Lawson and crew published on the RAF Feltwell site and some broken links fixed.
Over the last month a major restructuring has taken place owing to space limitations.  A separate RAF Feltwell Memorial Site has been created and RAF material from sites 1 and 2 has been gathered together in one place.  
Major additions made to Thor Missile and RAF pages. New photos added to High Street, Short Beck and St Nicholas.  Many new photographs added to various pages within the Work and Play section.  The story of the RAF Feltwell badge added to Written Records
Hereward Way, Moatside, Sparkes Way and Western Close pages added.
Archers Avenue, Camp Close, Curtis Drive and Leonards Lane pages added to site 3
Developments on St Mary's sub-site completed this month with detailed images of the Rood Screen, Tudor Pew ends, Memorials, etc being added. 
Street name origins added to pages of Site 3 together with new/improved photographs of Wilton Road, Blackdyke Lane and Big Sky.  Broken links repaired and other minor changes made. Additions to RAF Feltwell Memorial page.  New article by Dan Engle about the 'Ventura Men of Feltwell.'  A series of photographs from Mr C. Ives of the Royal Visit to RAF Methwold.  The third RAF Feltwell Memorial page started. The St Mary's sub-site finally started; see the stained glass here.
New article by Dan Engle concerning a crash on RAF Feltwell during WW2 added to Written Records together with photographs. Photo of Old Tyme Dancing Club added to Special Occasions page.
Elmer Lake's recollections added to Times Remembered.  Some broken links repaired.
The first photograph of a class from the USAF school at RAF Feltwell - Feltwell Elementary School - added to School Photos. Also the winning team of the 1946-47 football season on Sports Teams.  Please note that undiscovered old photographs of the village are becoming increasingly rare.
Feltwell in the Snow page added.
Two new photos of Remembrance Day 1956 added to 'Other Events', also one of Alan Baxter, a village character, on the 'Individuals and Groups' page'. The recollections of Brian Watts have been compiled onto this page.
Second page added to RAF Feltwell Memorial section. Names required. Page of Walden/Whistler ancestral photographs. Minor additions to The Oak and Bell Street.
Apart from three roads Site 3 is now complete.  When the sun returns in the Spring I'll go out with the camera again!  Additional detail added to RAF Feltwell page.
Site 3 updated with photographs of Curtis Drive, Camp Close, Archers Avenue and Leonards Lane.
For the first time ever, absolutely nothing!
Several additions this month, most of them provided by Maureen Reid.  New photos of High Street incl. a wonderful one of Barley Porter's General Store, of St Nicholas Church, Cambridge House, East Hall and the Fen Flood of 1915.  Also a new page on the Palmer family which Maureen is researching. Stephen Haxby has provided names for the Lancaster Crew on the RAF Feltwell Memorial page. The Tithe Map of 1837 has finally got digitised, the file sizes involved are large due to the detail involved.
The RAF Feltwell - Personnel page has now become a Memorial to all those who served at RAF Feltwell during the war.  Two small additions to Written Records and that's all this month.
Only Site 3 upgraded this month with photographs of the roads on St Nicholas Estate added - Rawlins Way, Munsons Lane, St Nicholas Drive and Lamberts Close.
A small upgrade this month mainly to Site 3.  New photos of Hall Drive, Newcombe Drive, Green Lane, Paynes Lane, Short Lane and Crabbes Close.  New photo of the Old Forge in The Beck and one of High Street added to Site 1. Home page redesigned.
Two new pages,  both from newspapers, on 'The End of Feltwell Hall,' from 1972  and added to the 'Clough Family loop' and 'The last Fen House.' Details about the Sparke Family Crest with photo from Don Gray and words from John Sparks. A new cricket team photo added to Sports Teams. Two new sepia tinted photographs, one of the Windmill  and the other of Bell Street which shows the beautiful barn and no Oak annex.  A photo showing Mrs Pryer, Blanche Hicks, Lil Banham, at work in the gardens of Newcombe Hall in August 1916 is on the 'Tradesmen' page on Site 2. The story of 'St Mary's Stained Glass' has been newly revised by Monique Newman and I've started a new page entitled 'Postcards from Feltwell'.  This one should build slowly.  Mrs Sheila Wilcoxson, nee Harrison, has provided the names to a photo of some WRAFs on the RAF page. Photos of Lodge Road, East Hall cottages and Munsons Lane added to Site 3
New 'Times Remembered' article by Mrs Catherine Orange (recently discovered in the archives!)  Quite long but fascinating recollections of a life in Feltwell dating from 1899 to 1970.  Also some aircrew pictures and two new photographs on the RAF Feltwell page, all from Derek Routen.  Photographs added to the Addisons Close page on Site 3.
Chris has let me at his new photographs!  New page on Hare Coursing with lots of photos, but only of people and dogs, nothing gruesome.  A new Times Remembered page with stories about the 1952/3 fen floods and a new page about 'The Black Hoods'. a local band on RAF airmen.  Additions and changes to St Mary's/War Memorial page (this is the Conducted Tour start page), Lodge Road, Bell Street, Feltwellians, Munsons Lane and Fen Flood.  Nothing new on Site 3; the weather has not been conducive to taking photographs!
Lots of new photographs from RAF Feltwell during WW2 added to the airfield page.  A new page on RAF Feltwell as a Thor Missile Base added to Site 1.  Also new photos added to High Street, The Beck, Munsons Lane and Oak Street.  To Sports Teams, Youth Organisations and Individuals and Groups on Site 2 also.  The new road on Site 3 this month is Clough Drive, also extras pics of Oakfields Estate entrance and a couple on High Street. An article derived from original correspondence surrounding the design and purchase of St Mary's stained glass windows added to site 2, very interesting.
A very busy month elsewhere so not much done to the sites except for some photographs of Nightingale Lane added to Site 3.  Links through to Millennium Feltwell activated.
Having finally finished converting images I've been able to get started on the backlog!    Lots of new photographs added to Site 2 - Individuals and Groups incl. sports teams, Parties and Plays, Class Photos, Youth Organisations etc.  Several new articles on Site 2 include an Open Letter to Feltwell from Mrs O'Rorke on the death of her husband, the Rev O'Rorke, an article from Mr Charles Dear on his time flying in bombers during WW2 and the entire text of the Welcome booklet for RAF Feltwell to name but three.  Also added some recently rediscovered photographs of past Rectors.  New photos also added to site 1 - Lodge Road, High Street and Fen Flood.  Also, two new roads added to Site 3.  Even found time to update the Chronology! Added Vincent Close.to site 3
Have spent most of the month checking the Feltwellian list in my Address Book and am now quite confident that all email links are active.  Have decided to keep a keep a list of 'lost' members on the same page - just in case.  Conversion of photographs continued this month on site 2 so no new stuff added here or there.  Only new pages are on Site 3.
Photographs of Wallace King Furniture Store and Lazy Daze Beauty Parlour added to High Street.  Roads in site 3 completed this month - Falcon Road, Lime Kiln Lane, St John's Way and Mulberry Close.
Added some fascinating letters from Lucy O'Rorke, wife of Rev O'Rorke, about an agricultural strike. Splendid insight stuff.  The Parish Councillor list is now up-to-date.
Photographs of the newly reopened West End Public House and additional photos of the Bowling Green and British Legion Hall added to Long Lane.  Photographs of De Moundeford Road, additional Big Sky, Wilton Road and part of Paynes Lane added. New colour scheme now on all Site 3 pages.
Started to link through to C21 Feltwell website. Photographs added to High Street 2 and Inside St Mary's.  New pages on Inside the Methodist Chapel, Big Sky Country, RAF Feltwell.
A rare photo of Rose Villas in Long Lane added also one of Denton Lodge.  Added photos of  Hill Street, Short Beck, Bell Street High Street. Added Inside St Mary's.page.
Lots of material moved between sites to make space available for new photographs.  Hopefully the gaps don't show.  Rare photo of Hill House added.  Too many new photos of people added to Site 2 to link to from here - just go and explore.  Started a redesign of Site 3 as I decided that it was too garish!
Site 3 - A Tour of Feltwell in the new Millennium - launched.  I hope to grow the site at a 'road' a month.
Membership reached the target of 100 by the New Year.  Had most of the month off!  Happy New Year.
Added a search engine from Pico Search, otherwise no other significant additions.   Storage space for Site 1 is now full!
Only one new item this month, a poem about the Feltwell Murder, added to Written Records.  Two new members added to the family list.
The final part of the Howlett family history added together with a new 'InfoLoop' about St Mary's Church and a new page about 'The Blackjacks', Feltwell's first Rock and Roll group!  A couple of pictures of the Control Tower at RAF Feltwell to complement the Harry Lawson story.  Complete reorganisation of the 'Written Records' and 'Times Remembered' sections as well as the 'Work and Play' Gallery.   I hope the changes make using the site easier.
Part four of the Howlett family history added.  Several photographs of school classes and event audiences added to the Work and Play Gallery . A photograph of John Brewington, a survivor of 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' added to this section also. A new Feltwell Ghost story added together with detailed research concerning Harry Lawson of 57 Squadron and his time at Feltwell.
The Feltwell family reaches 82 members!  Thanks go to Doreen Gineil (nee Sparrow) for this months update as she has provided most of the new photographs which can be found on 'In Their Youth', 'At Play' and 'The Oak' pages.  I must also thank Toni Burr, who used to live at the Oak Hotel, for lending some of the photos to Doreen.  Thanks also go to Geanie McManners for some pictures (on 'At Play'), plus others for site 3.  Part 3 of the Howlett family history added.
New colour photographs from Mr Gott added to the Bell Street, Long Lane, The Oak and Wilton Road pages.   These were taken in the 1960s and make for interesting comparisons with their older neighbours. Also one added to the Old Rectory page which I thought I had on put on last year! The Special Photo of the Month is worth a look for its 'human interest' angle.  Part 2 of the Howlett family history added together with an account of the Feltwell Murder Trial.
A very busy month for new Feltwellians including the entire Carroll family.  Only two new photographs this month in the Tour, one of cyclists in The Beck and one of the old Chequers Inn.  The latter is from Mrs Pearl Mann who has kindly sent me the history of the Howlett family.  As this is being serialised in the magazine I'm going to do the same on the website.  It is well worth a read.   Click here. Pearl also sent some photos to illustrate her article, they can be found in the Work and Youth sections on site 2.   Also added pictures of members of the Lemmon family.
A very quiet month: no new Feltwellians but several new photos in all sections of the Work and Play Gallery including one of Mr Stanley Hopkins and the newspaper article concerning his retirement.  Better versions of some photos from the Tour came to light and I have replaced the old copies with these.  Have updated the Parish Councillor list and am now up to 1981!  Many Feltwellian names for the genealogists.
I was delighted to receive a spectacular photo of the end of the WW2 celebrations on Feltwell Base - see Photo of the Month on site 2. Added a page of Payne Family photos that came to me via a long and tortuous route. Ownership acknowledged.  Names added to some sports team photos and a bit of probably unnoticeable tidying up done! Page of War Graves detail added, also a date-by-date history of RAF Feltwell from the RAF Museum in 1980. Three new Feltwellians.  Registered with Villages Online.  Busy month!
Split the airfield photo collection into 'Personnel' and 'Buildings/Planes'.   For those interested in 75 (NZ) squadron click here and to see the damage done to the Sergeants mess during an air raid click here.  Two new articles added to site 2; one on the Moundefords taken from a newspaper report from January 1976 and one about the War Memorial Dedication Service.  Also found, at last, a photo of 'Pip' Orange, the founder of the Feltwell (H&A) Society.  Several new Feltwellians have joined.
Very little new this month, only a few additional names added to photos on the At Work and At Play pages and some new photographs of Feltwell Hall.
A few more Feltwellians have made themselves known this month.  Some extra photos on the Feltwell at Work page on Site 2 and some corrections on In Their Youth thanks to Bridget Hall.
A few small additions this month to the Tour including some new shots of High Street, a good one of St Nicholas from The Borough, a rare one of Tower Mill with sails and one of Wilton Road and of Pear Tree Farm house, now Shortlands Hotel.  The Pear Tree cottages page has finally been added to the Tour. A collection of amusing Pension claims has been added to the Written Records section of site 2.
A few new photographs added to the 'Photographic Tour' and lots of new ones added to the 'Work and Play' gallery.  A special 'Blessing of the Plough' page added. Several minor improvements which you are unlikely to notice but they make me feel better!
Several new photographs added to the 'Work and Play Gallery' this month as well as a few additions to the 'Photographic Tour'.  I've also introduced a 'Photo of the Month' feature and to start things off we have a rare and most interesting view of St Mary's Church.  A very short 'history' of The Chequers has been added to the Landlords page.
An absolutely huge upgrade this month as I missed the one for July due to being on holiday and the pressure of work. Many, many new photographs, plus better versions of existing ones, added all over the place; you'll just have to go on the Tour again to see them as there really are too many to list here.  I've still got a few left for next month and, hopefully, I will have added any necessary detail by then! Regular viewers will note that an entirely new section, Feltwell at 'Work and Play' has been added. This contains photographs, not of Feltwell, but of Feltwell folk from yesteryears and will, hopefully, grow rapidly. In fact, the site has now become so large that it is being housed in TWO separate places.  I hope that the seams don't show but if they do, please let me know.  I've got the Inside of St Mary's sorted, added a page of flood photos and Doreen Giniel has sent me a 'Times Remembered' about her time at Hopkins Butchers.   I've also added AJO's Chronology of Feltwell pre 20th century. And finally, I've added all the orphaned Written Records from AJO that I could find!
Together with Mr Ken Stowell I began the potentially very long job of transcribing the unpublished notes of Arthur 'Pip' Orange (AJO).  Pip wrote 6, 200+ page books detailing all aspects of the village history.  Some of the notes have been published (in print and on this site) but it is known that he planned at least one additional book.  This month I have begun the task with his notes on the village doctors.   Published this month is the start of a Parish Councillor list. (1894-1937).  Introduced 'quality' backgrounds to all sections except the Tour.  Reworked High Street and added photos so that they progress "directionally".
Maps is the theme for this update. Added a Tour map and two maps showing the locations of past village shops - western end, eastern end.  These took much longer to do than anticipated but were brought forward in response to a special request by Larry.   Lists of the Owners and Landlords of The Chequers and The Oak were discovered this month and added.  Three new Feltwellians joined this month.  Keep spreading the word.
Added photographs from the collection of Mr. Chris Cock to the pages below. The Tower Mill page contains a new,  rare photo kindly loaned by Thetford Museum.  Several new Feltwellians added this month. Also check out the new Feltwell Museum Site being built by Susan Withers, our local Greengrocer. It's good to be able to share the work.
bell street, chequers inn, oak hotel, St. Nicholas church, high street, wilton road (new page), almshouses, Feltwell hall, enterprise band, the beck, crosshill, munsons lane, lodge road, feltwellians
Added photograph of some Harrows to the Airfield page.   I believe this was taken in '37/'38.  Can anyone confirm or correct this?   Amended the names of the Methodist Church cleaning ladies.
In order to accommodate new photos from Robert Walden and Thomas Padrick, the Chapel Street and Methodist Church pages have been altered.  I'm particularly interested to see if anyone can name the unknown ladies in the photo on the Methodist Church page.  Keep the old photos coming - anything pre 1960 gratefully accepted, particularly pictures of people.
Robert also sent an abridged version of 'A History of three Feltwell Brothers'.  I urge you to read it.
I continue to be encouraged by your responses to the site, so much so that I have taken on board, with some amendments, a suggestion that Robert Walden made (actually he made it to the school but I've adapted it!).
Feltwellians Around the World will, I hope, become a directory of just that.
Some corrections and details added to Munsens Lane.
A Mr Robert Walden emailed some old photos of Feltwell, some of them very rare. Many thanks Robert. These have been added to 'The Oak', 'The Beck' and and a new page has been inserted into the tour - 'Paynes Lane'.  Additional photos added to 'Tower Mill' and a large (220K) photo of the Home Guard has been attached to the thumbnail of same. A full list of names has been obtained and added , thanks to Mr Ken Stowell. A new photo of the Enterprise Band and the names of the members courtesy of Mr Eric Secker has been added.  And to all that have emailed, many thanks for the encouragement.
Recovering from the flu so thought I would do some work on the site between coughing fits and to relieve the boredom! The Ancient History page is now done - covers Feltwell from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
Added 'Pips' description of the (original) Village Sign and all that is represented on it.
Added a page on Feltwell's Mills and Millers
Added Peter Jordan's T.R. on his time as a POW guard plus two photos and a map.
Discovered a problem with some photographs, when the thumbnail is clicked the larger version comes through sometimes, apparently incomplete but a click on refresh and it's all there!  Added a message to click on Refresh.
Uploaded a new version of the site to a new location.
Site is 300%+ larger and includes many new sections - Photographic Tour, Written Records, Chronology etc.
I can hardly believe how long it's been since I last added anything to this page. I'd actually forgotten that this page existed! A few things have been added in the intervening years but finding new material is becoming increasing rare. However, today, I've added a page on the removal of the ancient Feltwell Oak Tree with a terrific photograph, a rare image of Lodge Road and a page on the stone-laying ceremony for the Methodist Chapel (1935)
Another long gap between updates. Added three new Feltwellians and superb aerial photos showing the caravan park (from James mahoney)

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